Cafe Latrine, Serves in an Outhouse for the Sake of Social Passion

Food on the toilet.
For most people, eating and defecating is a matter that must be separated. Never mind that, farting at meal time could be a breach of etiquette for most people.

However, a cafe in Semarang, Central Java valiantly obscure eating-drinking activities and affairs shitting it. Carrying the name Cafe latrines, creating a feel of the cafe toilet as a theme.

Visitors will be served the food in the container outhouse. To enjoy it, they are welcome back in his chair sat a pit toilet.

Stories about Cafe toilets spread in social media, having shared your Facebook account KICK ANDY SHOW , Tuesday (28/6) morning. About six hours after they are sent, the shipment of Cafe latrines that have been shared (shared) more than 10 thousand times.

But the story was accompanied by negative sentiment. The majority of netizens regard Cafe toilets too crazy idea. Even override the negative assessment "Kick Andy" (Metro TV), which will deliver a session talk about Cafe Toilets on Friday (1/7). Here is some comments netizen:

"Oh, baseball, let me also treated to. Feeling more like eating in a toilet" - Lady Murtafiah Djauhar.
"As good as any food if such a presentation is still just can not get a meal. This is odd," - Alvina Cinthya.
"For the first time my lack of respect to show Kick Andy who has been inspiring and heroic. It is duping his name, because it is unsuitable for media dish." - Wery Astuti.
"Kick Andy really-really raised the quality baseball event this?" - Christian Prime.
"No human if you ask me. It's not a place to relieve himself of food." - Fifit Khansa Naya.

Before you join, worth listening to the story of Budi Laksono, a physician and founder of the cafe located on Jl Untung Suropati No. 445, Semarang.

According to Budi, the establishment of Cafe Latrine is part of WC4ALL movement in Central Java. WC4ALL is a social movement that strives to build latrines for citizens - often called the toilet building. The program was done Yayasan Wahana Bakti Sejahtera, led by Budi.

Referring to notes , Budi idea about the toilet building began in 1998. At that time, Bob was still on duty at the health center, found that many people affected by gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea, dysentery, and typhoid.

Budi then conducts research on the findings. He also found that many people who do not have their own latrines. They chose to defecate in gardens, rivers, even wrapped in plastic. Habits that lead to bacterial diseases.

"Problems like it was not only in Semarang, but also entire regions in Indonesia," said the holder of a doctoral degree from Diponegoro University, was quoted (12 September 2015). In Indonesia, Budi said, there are still 20 million families who do not have latrines.

Since then, Budi diligently strives to build latrines for the citizens. In a radio interview with the Australian Embassy in Indonesia (February 2013), Budi explained his dream to be in 2015, the citizens of Central Java already have their own latrines. He also hoped it could happen nationally in 2020.

On June 13, 2016, Budi claimed it had executed the construction of 175 thousand latrines .

Happenings Cafe Latrine, who was born March 6, 1963 that guarantees the café provides food sterile. "Cafe here the food is guaranteed sterile. Unlike food around us were left flies and dust," wrote Facebook account Budi Laksono (May 6, 2016).

Just for the record, what do Budi is actually not new. In Moscow there is a cafe called Crazy Toilet Cafe , which carries a similar theme. There is also the Modern Toilet Restaurant , the restaurant with the concept toilet brands from Taiwan, and has branches in many parts of Asia.

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