Car Insurance, Which is The Best?

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Judging by the large number of traffic accidents, it should be a trigger for public to get insurance, because if vehicle already protected by the service, the risk of potential losses that may come to be on the wane. Surely, car insurance can give you comfort and tranquility when driving.

Unfortunately, the level of awareness to keep car insurance is still very minimal. They're still too lazy to use products protection services like car insurance, including to his own car.

Surely this is contrary to the magnitude of this State community's desire to have a car. Where in fact is happening now is Gaikindo continued strong growth in sales, of four-wheel transportation that continues past the target.

Therefore, begin to insurance your car starts from now. If you just have a vehicle, whether it includes car or motorcycle, it is advisable to provide protection. Indeed, it is inevitable many will not follow this advice to a variety of reasons that exist, mainly because of the potential increase in monthly spending his life.

However, to protect the vehicle, the risk of loss due to an accident that both small and for whatever will be protected by the service provider company on car insurance. In fact, lost the car due to theft will also be covered by the car insurance.

Select Total Loss Only (TLO) or Comprehensive?

If you already want to use car insurance, the question using Comprehensive kind or Total Loss Only? Both have differences with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

For those who do not know, here are reviews of a second difference of the vehicle insurance products:

1. Total Loss Only

This type of car insurance usually offers protection to vehicles that were damaged as a whole. the point is lost due to theft or accidents resulting wreckage until it reaches 75% of the actual price.

However, if the damage incurred was below the 75%, car owners can not file a claim for coverage. Risks are not protected TLO is like berets on your vehicle, the rearview lost or broken, small dents and other minor damage.

2. Comprehensive

In contrast to the TLO, this type of offering protection to the car suffered minor damage or total loss due to somewhat more thorough protection. For those of you who want to use it can choose to expand the scope of the risks, namely by increasing the insured as other risks, for example, due to natural disasters, riots, civil commotion, third party liability, and more.

Well, now you can choose the insurance product in accordance with the purposes and needs. Good Total Loss Only and Comprehensive.

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